Holding Hooshang Golshiri Awards giving ceremonies in Nov. 2001 and Dec.2002.
Publication of "Naqsh 79" [Imprint of 2000], a collection of the best short stories of the year 2000.
Publication of "Companion to Prince Ehtejab" _ Golshiri's notes on his famous novel.
Selecting the best short stories of the last 2 decades for translation into Norwegian and publication in Norway.
Introducing the first collections of short stories to Agah Publishing House to be published in the series called "Shahrzad", which was initiated and supervised by Hooshang Golshiri to help writers publish their first work.
Preparing a book "In Memory of Hooshang Golshiri", by collecting critical essays on his work.
Selecting the best Iranian short stories published by writers living abroad and having the collection published to fill the gap between the literary output inside and outside Iran.
Organizing an archive, enriching it by contacting various people and organizations to ask them to send copies of videotapes of his readings abroad, his manuscripts or other documents pertaining to Golshiri.
Fundraising measures.
Setting up the Golshiri Foundation official website.
Arranging an exhibition of works of art offered to the foundation for sale.
Planning workshops, lectures and courses for young writers.