The Hooshang Golshiri Cultural Foundation was established after the writer's death in June 2000 by some renowned Iranian intellectuals who wish to revive his efforts in the field of fiction through helping young writers. The original idea was to give awards for the best works of fiction every year; an idea nurtured by him which was abandoned because of his illness and death. But the foundation has set broader goals for itself.

Objectives and Goals
1. Organizing and supervising translation and publication of Golshiri's works abroad.
2. Turning his library and his numerous notes, manuscripts, audio/video material into a reference library and research centre, for the use of writers and critics interested in Golshiri's work in particular and Iranian contemporary fiction in general.
3. Presenting the Golshiri Award for the best works of fiction published in Farsi [Persian], in Iran every year.
4. Promoting Iranian contemporary fiction by organizing, facilitating and/or supervising translation and publication of the works of Iranian writers; training young writers through creative writing workshops; helping them publish their works; cultural exchange with similar institutions all over the world.

Bodies of the Foundation

The Founders
Ali-Ashraf Darvishian, author
Mahmood Dowlat-abadi, author
Bahman Farman-ara, film director
Farzaneh Taheri (Golshiri), literary translator

Board of Trustees
Simin Daneshvar
Ali Ashraf Darvishiyan
Mahmood Dolatabadi
Simin Behbahani
Bahman Farmanara
Mohammad Hoghooghi
Simin Daneshvar
Ali-Ashraf Darvishian
Mahmood Dowlat-abadi
Simin Behbahani
Bahman Farman-ara
film director
Mohammad Hoghooghi
Abbass Mokhber
literary translator
Iraj Kaboli
linguist and literary researcher
Zia Movahhed
poet and literary critic
Abol-Hassan Najafi
linguist and translator
Farzaneh Taheri
literary translator
The Board of Trustees sets the general policy of the foundation and supervises its implementation.

Executive Board A. Assadian, A. Azimi, B. Farman-ara, P. S. Mayel-Afshar, A. Mokhber, A. H. Moojani, N. Moosavi, F. Taheri

General Director: Farzaneh Taheri

The Executive Board is in charge of the executive aspect of the foundation, such as fundraising, arranging cultural events and programs, publications ...