The Hooshang Golshiri Award
The 2002 Golshiri Awards
The 2001 Golshiri Awards

The 2001 Golshiri Awards
The First Hooshang Golshiri Award giving ceremony was held in November 2001. 51 books - 12 novels, 9 first novels, 15 collections of short stories, 15 first collections - were entered for the competition.
  The Jury
Koorosh Assadi - young author and literary critic
Abdol-Ali Azimi - poet and literary critic
Lili Golestan -literary and art translator
Ali-Mohammad Haghshenas - literary critic and professor of linguistics

Selection Process

All four jury members made their selections from the four different categories, considering three aspects: style; structure and form; theme.
Works which gained the highest points were announced as the winners.

The Winners of the First Hooshang Golshiri Awards

1.Ahmad Mahmud (1931-2002) for The Best Novel of the Year, praised for its ingenious creation of a world suspended between the traditional and the modern, using a rich and colourful language.

2.Ali Khodayi (b. 1958) for The Best Collection of Short Stories, lauded for its representation of anxieties and stresses experienced by ordinary middle class families in modern urban society.

3.Sepideh Shamloo (b. 1968) for The Best First Novel, selected for its novel treatment of a much neglected women's dilemma in contemporary Iran, using a language in perfect organic harmony with its plot, theme, and structure.

4.Mohammad-Assef Soltanzadeh (b. 1964), Afghan immigrant author, for The Best First Collection of Short Stories, chosen for its impressive and macabre themes achieved through seemingly simple and unadorned language strewn with words and expressions from the author's homeland. Soltanzadeh's book has since been translated into French [Assef Soltanzadeh, Perrdus dans la fuite, Actes sud, Paris, 2002] and Italian [M. A. Soltanzade, Perduti nella fugo, AIEP Editore, San Marino, 2002].

Sixteen Best Individual Stories were also announced at the ceremony and have been published by the foundation under the title: "Naqsh 79" [Imprint of 2000].

The foundation has received help, financially and otherwise from a number of sources which were indispensable to the First Golshiri Award. We would like to thank all those who contributed to this cultural event.