Being a non-profit institution, the Hooshang Golshiri Cultural Foundation is totally dependent for its survival on help from those interested in or concerned with its goals and objectives, ie., the promotion of contemporary Iranian modern fiction. Donations made to the foundation enabled it to hold its award giving ceremonies in Nov. 2001 and Dec. 2002.

Mehdi Sahabi

How to help this independent institution

Donations of funds

Organizing benefit cultural events for the foundation

Offering works of art

Offering technical, artistic, professional help

Offering facilities such as office equipment ...

Mehdi Sahabi

At present, the foundation doesn't have an office. You can help us settle down and realize our goals, mainly by setting up workshops and courses for young writers.
We plan to start cultural exchange programs as soon as we are able to do so.Similar cultural institutions all around the world can help us in this regard.

Since the establishment of the foundation, some Iranians living abroad have helped it by arranging cultural events in memory of Hooshang Golshiri, showing films based on his works, selling his books ... and handing over the funds raised.